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Freshers Week Round-Up!

September 23, 2013

Hello to all our new GULS Freshers! We hope you’ve enjoyed your week and have been lucky enough to succumb to the dreaded illness that is Freshers’ Flu..

It’s been a busy week here at GULS. Tuesday saw the new First Years attend (some more hungover than others..) their induction lecture, and of course, hearing all about the exciting things GULS will provide for them over the next four years from Beverley; before being swept off on a whirlwind campus tour by our 40 Helpers(shhh) to show them the main sites on campus (beautiful Boyd Orr, Beer Bar to cry in post exams, Stair Building – if you have classes on the top level you’ll soon find out it has many many stairs).

They were then guided towards our stall in Randolph Hall manned by the Committee who managed to sign up an amazing 143 new members, with many also signing up for our sports teams. These have been expanded this year to include: hockey (aka lawkey), rugby, football, netball and basketball (if you’d like more info contact Fraser Jackson our Sports Convenor on sports@gulawsociety.com who will add you to the appropriate Facebook group!) We hope you all you firsties continue to be as keen throughout the year (starting of course with our introductory event our Cheese and Wine Night on the 25th Sept, 7pm, GUU Dining Hall).

The GULS stall continued to be popular on the Wednesday, perhaps due to the Freshers’ Raffle which included much sought after pre-sale Law Ball 2014 tickets (check your email/GULS Facebook page to see if you were one of the lucky names picked from the hat!); leaving the Committee feeling a little under the weather (infected with Freshers’ Flu).


Thursday saw the turn of the OAPs of the law school, with the Make Me a Lawyer event in the Woolfson (complete with pizza). This event aimed to reassure and open the eyes of 2nd, 3rd and 4th years as to what their year ahead entails. Talks were given by the Committee followed by informal question session to answer any queries the students may have had. We hope you all found it useful and aren’t too petrified about what’s to come – if we’ve survived it you can too!

Team GULS xoxo


P.S. just a quick rundown of what’s to come in the next couple of weeks:

* Cheese and Wine – Wed 25th Sept , 7pm, GUU Dining Hall

* GULS Booksale – Monday 30th Sept, drop off all books to be sold (make sure your name and price are written inside the covers!) to the Stair Building between 12 and 5

* Tues 1st and Wed 2nd Oct, Booksale – 9am to 3pm both days

* Wednesday 9th October – Bubbles and Truffles Networking Evening

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