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GULS Elections for 2013-2014

May 22, 2013

Happy GULS New Year Lawyers!

Wednesday night saw our GULS committee hustings, where the candidates for positions showcased their finest efforts to secure your vote. In the most heated contest in living memory, many a bribe was had and many a free drink drank. It is my pleasure to announce your new committee for the term 2013-14 is as follows:

President: Beverley Addison

Vice President: Jacob Tomnay

Secretary: Siobhan MacMaster

Treasurer: Tom Gates

Academic Convenor: Eve Massie

Social Convenor: Kendall Allan

Charities & Sponsorship Convenor: Hannah Docherty

Media Convenor: Jonathan Greenhorn

4th Year Rep: David Early

3rd Year Rep: Joanna Elder

2nd Year Rep: Scott Anderson & Rachel Howie


Our Past President, Lisa Sweeney, has kindly agreed to stay on the committee whilst she completes her diploma. You can also find out more about our new committee by going to the committee page! I very much look forward to making this committee the best yet, and would encourage you all to contact me with any suggestions for the committee at president@gulawsociety.org

To celebrate the start of the new committee, our first event will be the end-of-exams celebration on the 15th of May. We look forward to seeing you all then!


Beverley Addison

GULS President

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