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October 16, 2016

**Intervarsity 2016**

The annual Intervarsity sports tournament will be taking place next Saturday in Edinburgh and we are looking for keen, sporty GULSians to help us win back the trophy. 

We will be competing against our friends from Edinburgh Law Society, Dundee Law Society and Aberdeen Law Society in:

Rugby 7s (men's)
Football 5-a-side (men's)
Football 5-a-side (women's)
Netball (women's) 
Basketball (mixed)
Hockey (mixed) 
Ultimate frisbee (mixed)

Check out the event page here for a run down of the days events


If you're keen to get involved and take part in any of the sports then please come on down to the common room in the Stair Building either on Tuesday (1300-1600) or Wednesday (1100-1400) to sign up!

Due to the high demand in men's football and rugby both of those squads will be selected by the team's respective captains and won't be open for sign ups. 

We are going to have to charge you all a cheeky £5 but do not fret as this will cover your transport to and from Edinburgh, get you two free t-shirts and some lunch. Happy days eh! 

It doesn't matter if you are an Olympic standard hockey player or a pub league footballer, we want you all to get involved and help us bring the trophy back to its rightful home in the Stair Building!

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