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GULS Committee 2016-17


President: Alasdair McCrone

Alasdair has been a member of GULS since his freshers week and a keen attendee of their events throughout his university career. He made the leap into a committee position last year, serving as third year representative after fighting a brutal election against a whopping ZERO competitors. His easily won year did, however, provide him with a deep understanding of the workings of the society, and allowed him to liaise with his year to gain a better sense of what it was that his peers wanted from their law society. He therefore approached the role of president, after a more conventional, multi-candidate election, both enthusiastic and well equipped. He is dedicated to ensuring that the society offers the best opportunities to it’s members, and that that membership includes as many people as possible, working to improve the events that already exist and add new things to the calendar to benefit everyone. Outside of GULS, Alasdair spends his time playing the violin and watching trashy reality television and then feeling guilty about it. 

If you are looking to contact the President, please e-mail him at president@gulawsociety.com


Vice-President Academic: Ciarán Harkness

Having been one of the Second Year Representatives in the GULS Committee of two years ago, Ciarán is glad to be back with us as the Vice President Academic. Ciaran spent his third year in Maastricht, and is excited to come back and give some new ideas and perspectives. When taking a rare break from the law, he enjoys swimming and (at least attempting) playing music. Rarely seen without a coffee, he is looking forward to a year of putting blood, sweat, and tears into his work so Glasgow's law students can spend a little less on theirs.

If you are looking to contact Ciarán, please e-mail him at academic@gulawsociety.com



Vice-President Social: Laura Rankin

A veteran of the GU Rowing committee where she was treasurer, Laura is bringing her extensive skills to the position of GULS VP Social.  She’s been a regular attender of GULS events throughout her time at uni, so you can bet she knows how to run a great event. 

Combine this love of GULS and that treasurer experience and what do you get?  CHEAP DRINKS people, cheap drinks.  And we all know that cheap drinks inevitably lead to mega fun times.  What’s not to love?  GULS is very excited to have Laura on board and we’ve no doubt she’ll put her own unique, likely wine-influenced, spin on some of our most successful events.  She loves to win (she’s a rower, remember?) so we can’t wait to see her take GULS into first place as the best society on campus #allthewine #allthetime

If you want to contact Laura, please e-mail her at social@gulawsociety.com



Honorary Secretary: David Jeffries

David is currently in my fourth and final year at the law school and has loved it! Throughout his time here, he feels that GULS has played such a big role in his university experience. He is therefore delighted to be part of the committee this year and will definitely influence the society! We have so much fantastic stuff planned for the year, so don't hesitate to get involved.

Outside of doing law things David loves to travel, and takes every opportunity to see new places and meet new people. He is also into football - playing 5 aside a few times a week with mates and also being involved with the GULS team, and he really enjoys going to see live music, particularly DJs, for which he feels Glasgow is an ideal city.

David says that he is delighted to join the rest of the committee in welcoming everyone to the society this year and hope it's a good one!

If you want to contact David, please e-mail him at secretary@gulawsociety.com


Honorary Treasurer: Chris Rae

Described by his friends as, "a sarcastic wind-up merchant who dislikes the word 'cute' but likes dogs, football and criminal law", Chris is well liked amongst his peers.

A perennial safe pair of hands, Chris was President of the Mooting Society for the 2015/16 session and has aspirations of a career in the Criminal Bar.

This year Chris has been appointed the Honorary Treasurer of GULS and is looking forward to a busy year ahead. Outside of law, Chris is a keen golfer and football referee.

If you want to contact Chris, please e-mail him at  treasurer@gulawsociety.com


Media and Publicity Convenor: Melissa Wilson

A role that legitimises the greatest shortfall of our generation? Sign me up! I am delighted to be the advocate of all things techy and procrastinate-y. What better way to get yourself involved in the committee than to have it right at your fingertips. 

We at GULS know that we all need a bit of down time to break away from study stress, that's why we are so excited to bring you lots of fun activities to get you belligerently drunk (and lots of fun activities to expand your access to all things serious - big kid stuff like employability). 

Having not been a member of the committee until this year, I found that a lot of my attendance at GULS events previously had been because I'd seen them advertised on social media. I can't wait to sustain that presence and make our society as accessible to all as possible. 

If you would like to contact Melissa over any website or social media matters, please e-mail her at media@gulawsociety.com



Sports Convenor: Alasdair MacDonald

Hey guys and gals! I’m very excited to be your sports convenor this year and am hoping to continue the success GULS sport has enjoyed in recent times. I have been heavily involved with GULS Sport since the start of my university life having been part of the GULS team that won the Intervarsity Tournament in 2014 and the GULS 6-a-side football team that finished 4th in the university recreation league that same year. I really want to encourage all members to get involved with our sports teams as it is a great way to socialise and relieve all the law-related stress!

I have just returned from my year abroad in Prague which – as you can probably guess – was a pretty amazing experience! Aside from the occasional bit of studying, I spent a lot of my time travelling and exploring Europe. I was fortunate enough to continue playing regular football in the Czech Republic and even came up against a number of former professional players in the process. This helped me to minimise the effects the city’s 80p pints had on me over the year! Now that I’m back in Glasgow I have begun marathon training and aim to complete at least one by this time next year. I have a number of half-marathons to my name but now I feel it is time to make the step up and go the extra few miles!

I hope to pursue a career in commercial law however I do intend to take a year out in between university and my traineeship. This will allow me to travel the world and see as much of it as possible before I have to spend the rest of my life stuck behind a desk!

If you want to contact Ali about any sporting enquiries, please e-mail him at sports@gulawsociety.com



Charities and Communities Convenor: Blayre McBride

If you would like to contact Blayre, please e-mail her at charities@gulawsociety.com



Fourth Year Representative: Annie Liddle


If you would like to contact Annie, please e-mail her at 4thyearrep@gulawsociety.com



Third Year Representative: Josh Spears


"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a GULS rep."- Josh Speirs.

Josh is a warm, kind hearted young man who has the best interests of those he represents at heart. Josh is spending his third year abroad in ML2, so he hopes to ensure all those staying at home enjoy themselves, in addition to doing well academically. This is Josh's second term as a rep, and thus is well equipped to answer any questions you have in any aspect of life, related or unrelated to law. 

If you would like to contact Josh, please e-mail him at 3rdyearrep@gulawsociety.com



Second Year Representative: Saif Gilani

As a profound law enthusiast, Saif is the ideal person to be representing second year law students this year. With such passion deriving from his very open love of Suits, Saif will be looking to inject a little bit of Harvey Specter into this role: sophistication and success. Saif is also very approachable, and if you need to speak to him directly, in all likelihood, you will find him quenching his thirst for knowledge of the law in the place that we all love – the library, level 7. 

If you would like to contact Saif, please e-mail him at secondyearrep@gulawsociety.com



Second Year Representative: Robyn Hunter

Grainne Duffy wasted not a minute of her time at Glasgow University, bursting on the the GULS scene, leaping at the first opportunity to represent her peers as first year representative. Since then, through her mastery of both Scots Law and the French Language, she has turned herself into the Grainne Duffy we know, love and cower from today, a stylish, eloquent, cosmopolitan, global woman, up to the minute in every sense, working a room like no one else can. The woman you want, the woman you need; one of us, the one we all want to be; Grainne.

If you would like to contact Robyn, please e-mail her at 2ndyearrep@gulawsociety.com



Ex-Officio Members

Past President: Ali Cooper

Ali has been a GULSian since day one, attending events and playing for GULS rugby and basketball - and after leading a successful term as GULS President last year, we are honoured to have Super Cooper back on board this year as Past President.



If you would like to contact Ali please e-mail him at pastpresident@gulawsociety.com






Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review: Poppy Mulligan


If you would like to contact the Editor in Chief with any concerns, please e-mail him at editorinchief@gulawsociety.com




    Our First Year Reps have not yet been elected, and will be added in due course.