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The Glasgow University Law Review

Our Law Review is the first of its kind to Scotland. It is a website dedicated to getting you the most out of your degree, and is completely run by our sub-committee of student editors. We are lucky enough to have the prestigious CMS Cameron McKenna working with us on the venture this year, and the author of the best academic submission to the review will get an interview with the firm!

The website is full of useful posts with hints on how to revise, how to go about getting your dream job and any other useful tips the students at Glasgow University have found paramount to their time at law school. 

Most importantly, it doubles as an Academic Journal where you can submit short pieces of work. At the end of the year, the committee will select the best 20 to be bound and published into a real academic journal that will be used by students at Glasgow University and sent to our sponsor firms as an example of the excellent work we can produce. Being published in this sort of venture is a huge gold star for your CV - so get involved and play a part in one of the biggest opportunities we can offer you!

The publication of the inaugural GULR took place at a champagne reception on the 29th of January, 2014. A digitalised version of the published edition is available via the website below.

To visit the Law Review click here, or keep up to date with us via facebook! If you have anything you would like to submit, simply e-mail it to one of the editorial team at the GULR! Details are on the website!